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AImpostor is a social deception game with a twist. You want to act like an NPC!


Gather some friends in a lobby, press start, and be prepared for the following:

All players start the game by filling out their name (real or fake) and providing a prompt for the group to answer. After everyone has entered their prompt, ready up and move on to the answering phase.

In the answering phase, a random player's prompt will be shown to the group. Answer the prompt like you think that ChatGPT might answer it. (Because it will do exactly that!) After everyone has answered, ready up and move on to the voting phase.

In the voting phase, all players will vote which answer they thing was written by the AI. You get points for voting correctly and for tricking other players!

This repeats until every player has has their prompt answered. To the NPC go the spoils.

Have fun!